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Posted by Ethan, Sat, 16 Feb 2019 17:37:58 +0000

Hello fellow Runique players, The results for the 500$ Giveaway are in! TOP 3 (Guaranteed Prizes):  First Place  100$ Bond Winner: @Lumberpledge  Second Place  50$ Bond Winner: @Pizador  Third Place  25$ Bond Winner: @War2pure   Placement Entry Rankings: Lumberpledge: 10 Entries [Ticket Numbers: 1-10] Pizador: 9 Entries [Ticket Numbers: 11-19] War2pure: 8 Entries [Ticket Numbers: 20-27] Evoked: 7 Entries [Ticket Numbers: 28-34] Fe Vae: 6 Entries [Ticket Numbers: 35-40] NP: 5 Entries [Ticket Numbers: 41-45] Nick: 4 Entries [Ticket Numbers: 46-49] HCI Bless: 3 Entries [Ticket Numbers: 50-52] Pheonix1421: 2 Entries [Ticket Numbers: 53-54] Smoke: 1 Entry [Ticket Numbers: 55] Total Tickets/Entries: 55 Draw Procedure: Ticket numbers are assigned in order (as shown above) and 1 ticket will be chosen at random. Random Number was selected between 1-55: 500$ Giveaway Winner: @Smoke Giveaway Payment Type: @Smoke, please contact the Runique Management Team to discuss your payment. You have the following payment options: PayPal Zelle Venmo Transferwise Wes...

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